My Final Post

File May 18, 8 23 51 AMThis is my final school week blog post, week 36. Wow, only one more day, actually 1/2 of a day. Yesterday, was field day. Also, yesterday was awards night, I got honor roll and art. We packed up the room, leaving no supply behind. I also got a class superlative, which I got Best Humor.  For selling Lucas Bands we sold over $2,300.  My class party was yesterday. Finally, I pulled my final veggie and fruit from our class. It’s so sad to leave.

Week 35

Oh my gosh, only 3 and a half days left. Anyways, The things I did this week were I Skyped with a school in South Korea. Also, when we Skyped we talked in Korean. I finished filming for my movie. Now I am just film editing. Also, I had the Alumni Talk, it is where former 5 graders that used to go to Rocky Hill come back to give us advice on middle school. Oh, I hate to leave.


File May 13, 7 39 57 AMFile May 13, 8 14 38 AM

Week 34

The week is coming to the end. Common core, goodbye. Hello middle school. We got pen pal letters from Korea. Also we went to K.A.R.M. This stands for Knoxville, Area, Rescue, Ministries. First we folded closes, which provides meals four the hungry. Went to where people stay if they need a place to stay, get food, get an education, or get a jump start back into reality or all of those. Not only that, but we made a song for Lucas the kid with cancer. This is very sad because soon we will be split up into different  middle school, West Valley, Bearden, Concord, Burean, and more. All of us will be apart , but we will still be together.


B.T.W I am a rapper and a singer! I say “Rockyhill”





He is is the song


33rd Week

Wow, I only have 2 weeks of being a fifth grader and ever being a Rocky Hill Ram, this is so sad. On the bright side, I will be a new person in middle school. You know those tests, well my school only took 1/2 of them, awesome, I know right? Those movies I was talking about in my recent post, well we are almost done, maybe start filming next week or maybe even tomorrow. I am a farmer, I pulled my radish up yesterday. Today I also did a science experiment. See ya next week. Oh, and don’t worry I will still have access to my blog.IMG_6441 IMG_6442 IMG_6460

Week 32

This week was awesome I are finishing movies. I earned candy. Today I goy my clay project. My friend, Aaron is 1st in the country right now also, and if he wins we get a pizza party. I only have like 3weeks left of 5th grade then 6th grade. I’ll miss 5th grade.

31 Weeks

Only four more Fridays in this school year then… SUMMER BREAK! This week was awesome. I am going to have a pizza party and happy birthday. Shaved ice for Lucas. Lucas is a first grader diagnosed with cancer.I wrote a song, and and am making a movie. Bye!

30 Weeks

This week was awesome. We had a track meet. I am not in track. I finished my song, I am making movies, and oh yeah there is a little 7 year old 1st grader that was diagnosed with cancer about a week ago. You need to pray even if you don’t believe in prayer, or at least keep him in your thoughts. On the bright side we can raise awareness for any type of cancer. Don’t be sad eventually God will save him.

5th Grade Musical

Mr. Haney’s Research

Mr. Haney's Class Research Presentations from Jordan Haney on Vimeo.

Track Meet

Track and Field 2016 from Jordan Haney on Vimeo.



This is the last March as a 5th grader. On the bright side it is APRIL FOOLS. On the downside my dog and my grandpa died of cancer.




































































Fooled ya

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